Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scraproom Color

In the midst of painting my new Scrapbooking Area. The color is called Seawave, I think it's a very creative color, I went with this color because it's light and airy or wavy, lol, and being that I'm in the basement I needed that. Tell me what you think?


eiyiyi said...

I love it! It would look absolutely stunning with chocolate brown accents! hugs, eileen

suez said...

I agree with Eileen chocolate brown accents would look fab! Can't wait to see the end results! Hugs Suez

zandra said...

Love it! It would look fab with pink or aqua.
Hugz, Z

Latinacreativa said...

Me like!! Please post before and after shots! The color is lovely and
Your organizer is beautiful!