Monday, February 13, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

I teach my kids to shoot for the moon and even if they miss, they will land among the stars. So I took my and own and some other's advice and I shot for the moon, even though I am insecure about my work. I have always loved Graphic 45's paper and other elements to their lines, so much so that I always thought they were to good to use, does that make sense? Kind of like saving a "special" outfit for that "special" occasion, and then I thought to myself, LIFE is a "special" occasion and I started thinking of all the wonderful layouts, mini albums, and projects  I could create with the most beautiful paper lines out there, that's what makes Graphic 45 "special" to me. These are 6 projects that I have created in the past and I am submitting them for the Graphic 45 design team audition. It would be my ultimate dream come true, to be a part of the Graphic 45 team. Wish me luck!!!