Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 Thank you, 2bday cards

So Jimmy says to me "go Create", I will watch the kids for a little while. I haven't create in a while, so I started with the Jimmyfella from I think it's really called Nickfella but I prefer Jimmyfella:). I made a thank you card for the awesome room that Jimmy made me. The other 2 cards are for twin boys who celebrated their birthday on the 5th but I just got around to making them.I used pun fun stamp set from Stampin up. I still have my Disney album to complete, I am almost finished with the first one but I am sure I will need another one. I will post some layouts when I am done.

How Exciting!!!!

I was featured on another Blog on my nestablilties storage. This is the same blog I went to for other craft storage solutions. It's an awesome blog Check it out!