Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 Thank you, 2bday cards

So Jimmy says to me "go Create", I will watch the kids for a little while. I haven't create in a while, so I started with the Jimmyfella from I think it's really called Nickfella but I prefer Jimmyfella:). I made a thank you card for the awesome room that Jimmy made me. The other 2 cards are for twin boys who celebrated their birthday on the 5th but I just got around to making them.I used pun fun stamp set from Stampin up. I still have my Disney album to complete, I am almost finished with the first one but I am sure I will need another one. I will post some layouts when I am done.


coupon-girl :) said...

I can see that you put your heart into scrappin. (you got talent!)
Love the tool guy, and the two chickies are adorable.

Marion said...

These are by far very unique! Love them!