Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alex Drawer from Ikea


I added this great little addition to my scraproom for storage. The original piece that was there was too small, so I picked this up at Ikea after my friend Teresa showed her's on her blog. As you can see I store my vinyl on top and under the vinyl are my cricut mats and my 12x24 paper. In the drawers I store my solid scraps and my printed scraps in separate drawers and they are easier to find. I also store my paints in another drawer, my chipboard scraps, pre-made mini chipboard albums and some of my flowers are in other drawers.I really love this piece and plan on adding more of these alex drawers.
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McCine said...

oh how i wish we had an Ikea here in Vegas!! :'(

however... love the mini in yer previous post and yer banner!!

and thanks so much.. i can't help it.. everything is comical in one way or another to me.. it's helped get me thru a lot of tough times in life! :-)

Thanks for friending me...! You can catch me on YT: rumpshakeit Twitter: cre8ivebaggage and please follow my blog so I look like I have friends... LOL!!!

btw, we actually belong to a lot of the same Nings.. ahaha.. i just joined MiniAlbumScraps last week, i think!

<3 TTYL!