Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I haven't blogged since Halloween. James and Julia have been sick since last Wednesday and haven't been to school, They finally go back today. I am posting this at 3 in the morning, I was waitng for Jimmy to get home and he just did(I can't sleep without him). So I am adding a few pics. I got the kids picture taken last Friday, when I thought James and Julia were feeling better, but took a turn for the worse. So I am adding a picture of a picture of them. Anyway christmas pictures are done and picture cards are made!! My Mom's birthday is Sunday, I added a picture of the card I made her. We are taking her to see Mary Poppins on Broadway this Sunday. I also booked a trip for my husband and I for a weekend in Las Vegas!! I am SOOO EXCITED!! We never go away so this is BIG for us and Jimmy hates to take off of work so it is Huge for him. Anyway, I am working on Thanksgiving cards for my neice and nephews will post those pics when I am done. I am going to bed, I gotta be up in 3 hours to get the kids on the school bus.

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Kopperhead said...

I love quilts and Sunbonnet Sue. That is adorable.